Created by Parents who want to inspire little people to be courageous, explore and have fun - Ava and Frank love Magic and the love to see and do things that make them happy. Even when we become Big Kids the FUN or laughter does not have to end. Enjoy the journey with Ava and Frank as they discover Magic Paints, meet fairies, be creative and inspire other kids and grown ups to do the same!

At Ava and Frank we LOVE creativity and doing what we think is fun. Face painting was at the top of our list and as we only work with the best and safest ingredients, we launched AVA AND FRANK FACE AND BODY PALETTE - for young and old, beginner and professional.

Ava and Frank will also offer BABY items in the not too distant they are so cute we feel compelled to serve them!

Have a sparkly fun-filled day

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Our Products

Face Painting Accessory Kit

Our customers in art and crafts asked for more glam, a bag, more brushes, sponges and a bit of magic regards getting to being a professional FAST in their face painting adventures…Abracadabra: Ava and Frank Face Painting Stencils Accessory Kit with 24 Popular Stencil Designs (Princess, Baddies, Bugs, Magical and Super Hero – Spiderman & Batman), Drawstring Bag, Glitter, Sponges, and Brushes. The kids will be over the moon and very busy : ) Go to US Store.

Baby & Child Safety

The Ava and Frank Child Safety Lock is here to PROTECT your loved ones and get MORE TIME for YOU. YAY! We love children and babies (we have quite a few of our own) and now have Baby Products that fit the high standards we maintain for our customers. As parents who have gone through the baby phase and survived with love! We know what works and doesn’t and what makes life EASIER for YOU! There’s enough to keep you busy, so we provide the best options ; ) Go to UK Store to find out more

Kids Safe Face Paint Kit

Our popular and loved Face and Body Paints are the best in the industry. sourced, made and packaged with love in the USA. With so many dangerous chemicals in the current providers of kids face paints, we wanted to make a difference and use non-paraben, hypoallergenic, FDA compliant, vegan paints that are creamy, long lasting and SO MUCH SAFE FUN! Go to US Store.

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