Back to School!

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Back to School ; )
Back to School ; )

Well its that time of year again! One minute you are so excited about NOT doing the school run and having those gorgeous babies around you, thinking of projects, beaches, vacation time and crafting..Then the holidays begin, the siblings fight, you’re trying to run your business/work and keep it all together AND have fun all at the same time.

We heard from many moms, grandparents and events organisers that they were delighted with our 104 Super-Tastic Face Paint Stencils, there is something in there for all children (Big and Small) and because the stick on they were great for impatient under 5’s who wanted to be Iron Man in 3 seconds flat! We’ve had many questions about whether they are Re-usable or not and the answer is YES if you’re careful with them and don’t put too much water or runny paint on them. We use them 3-4 times then they’e less sticky – but you can still use them if you’re happy to hold them! So we usually get about 400 images out of one set which isn’t bad for┬áthe price!


Now we are heading up to HALLOWEEN and all that trick-or-treating so NOW is a perfect time to get MORE and stock up for October the 31st, just as an aside, we have also included some Christmas ones in this set so you get EVEN MORE VALUE without having to buy a separate set for the next big event!

We do hope you have had an amazing summer and look forward to sharing more Ava and Frank items that are in the works now and fingers crossed will be in your hands by Christmas!

In the meantime from all of us at Ava and Frank – HAPPY AUTUMN! ; )

Autumn two


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