How to Fundraise for Charity: Breast Cancer Month with Face Painting

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It is Breast Cancer Awareness month again and savvy fundraisers are always looking for how to raise more money for Breast Cancer Charities and Associations every year. We know its a proven one and not ‘new’ per se. However, Face painting is an annual favorite and why not, it involves everyone and everybody can have a go whether you have an art degree or not. Also it is relatively inexpensive to get a good quality, SAFE face paint palette to use in your fundraising activity.

At Ava and Frank we have two products that can assist in this endeavor – The Classic Ava and Frank Face Paint Palette Set and the Classic Ava and Frank Face Paint Accessories

Pink Ribbon Cheek Face Paint Design

Kit so check them out on Amazon. If you are a registered USA charity contact us direct and we will see what we can do regarding price and quantities : )

Each kit contains all you need to paint up to 160 faces for normally around $30. Times that by at least $5 a face and that’s $800! If you charge $10 that’s $1600. Not a bad return on your investment for your desired cause.

Alongside the kit you will need a couple of chairs, table, towels, wet wipes (hypoallergenic ones without alcohol) and bowls of water.

Here are some ideas just for Breast Cancer Awareness, however if you are a fundraiser – ANYTHING is possible and you can theme the face painting any way you like. In our Bonus E-book that comes with the kit, it tells you how to face paint, the top tips and how to maintain a good working table for painting! All part of the service. If you have any other questions just email us via this link. 

We wish you a very successful Fundraising Month and make sure you get your breasts checked this month!

Love Ava and Frank

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